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Somnics Health

iNAP® Sleep Ownership

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- iNAP Sleep Therapy System

- Oral Interface (I07H) and Tubing (T01)

- 3 months of Drypads (A03)

- Free shipping

- Onboarding and coaching of patient

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Crossley
Took a few nights But, works well

First few nights could not seem to get enough suction, but after continued use it seems to be working well...

Bethany Holl

I like the concept of the device compared to CPAP, but I am still adjusting to wearing the device and it registering my information correctly.

Dean Willis
I think it works?

Setup and operation are straightforward, and the low noise profile is very nice. The standard mouthpiece is a reasonable fit. I get good sealing for about four hours, then things get gummed up and it starts leaking, although a quick rinse suffices. There's also a little bit of discomfort around the frenulum, so I may make adjustments or try a different mouthpiece. I'm measuring results using a standard Garmin fitness band, and I can't see any impact on average or lowest sleeping pulseox, but there has been some improvement in my recorded levels of deep sleep, and I have seen a noted decrease in night time urination wakeups, from about 5 to one or less. The device seems reasonably solid, although perhaps a bit flimsy in the tank-to-pump seal. Time well tell, but I figure it will last maybe a couple of months before something breaks off. Battery life is a bit lower than I would have hoped; it MUST be recharged daily, and I've woken up to a dead battery several times. All in, I'm reasonably satisfied after two weeks.

Wayne Murray
Somnics INAP Works!

So many happy emotions right now. After five years of a severe sleep apnea zombie like haze I have been finally set free of that prison of feeling like being crushed under a 50 ton rock. I am not normaly an overly dramatic or emotional person so this is a very real experience for me. CPAP just flat out did not work, I tried for months, years, nothing. It has been 11 days using the little INAP machine, very easy to use and to get used to. My life is back again!