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Zeepap Anti Snoring device

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Try Zeepap®, the anti snoring component of the iNAP family of companion products

Zeepap® is a comfortable nose expansion device which includes a flow resistance piece (Valve) that fits in your nostrils.  The flow resistance is designed so that the resistance is slightly greater when breathing out than when breathing in, which expands the air way and keep it open.

It is intended to reduce snoring by generating a slight overpressure while expiring.


  • Acute upper respiratory (including Nasal, sinus, or middle-ear) inflammation or infection
  • Severe breathing disorder including hypercapnic respiratory failure, respiratory muscle weakness, pneumothorax, penumone diastinum, etc..
  • Severe heart disease (including heart failure)
  • Pathologically low blood pressure

This product is non refundable.